The Gaddafi Mosque

Weekend four in Kampala was a spiritual journey to two different houses of worship within the city: The Gaddafi National Mosque (this post) and the Bahai Temple (next post).  Churches can be found on any and every street here in the city.  My balcony on Sundays become VIP seating for the church’s choir about a … More The Gaddafi Mosque

Decentralization in Uganda: Part 1

The Republic of Uganda is in the process of implementing decentralization policy with the expressed goals of enabling inclusive economic development and nation-wide democratic participation. There is a strong consensus in the literature that decentralization has the potential to increase participation of local communities and citizens, improve government service delivery, and achieve a better level … More Decentralization in Uganda: Part 1

The Weekender

My second weekend in Kampala was chock full of cultural inductions. Saturday was a lazy morning with a long extended yoga practice outside in the sun. The weather is perfect for it here with sunny skies and temperatures around 75 degrees. After being well stretched and ready to take on the city, we slapped on our … More The Weekender

The Daily Grind

Let me preface this post with the fact that I have had a less than five minute commute for the past year in Austin. My father commutes from New Jersey to NYC on the daily. My mother, a steadfast work horse, travels from Mendham to Princeton for her job. And me? Well, for this summer … More The Daily Grind