Does Ethnography Have a Place in Evaluation?

Open Government is all the hype these days. A mythical fairy dust that can improve effectiveness of institutions, enhance efficiency of service deliveries, squash corruption, bolster democracy, and empower citizens all in one flick of the wrist. But do these claims hold true? This quite the loaded question. It seems that at the moment we … More Does Ethnography Have a Place in Evaluation?

ICTs for Governance: Closing the Feedback Loop

After a month plus in with U-Report at UNICEF, I can full-heartedly say my knowledge of ICTs or Information and Communication Technologies within development, and governance specifically, has increased ten-fold. I have become immersed in a land of technical innovations that are helping to empower citizens through increasing access to information, monitoring service deliveries, tracking … More ICTs for Governance: Closing the Feedback Loop

Decentralization in Uganda: Part 1

The Republic of Uganda is in the process of implementing decentralization policy with the expressed goals of enabling inclusive economic development and nation-wide democratic participation. There is a strong consensus in the literature that decentralization has the potential to increase participation of local communities and citizens, improve government service delivery, and achieve a better level … More Decentralization in Uganda: Part 1