Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls National Park is the largest of its kind in Uganda. Last weekend, we had the opportunity to travel up to the north west of the country and enjoy a boat safari, game drive, and overnight at one of the camping lodges there in the park. It was a quick trip. We left Saturday around 6:30am and returned the next day around 6pm. In between the departure of and return to Kampala was a 8 hour car drive, hippos, elephants, crocodiles, giraffes, stretches of grassland savannah, and of course, the waterfall that is Murchison Falls.

Murchison Falls, also known as Kabarega Falls, is a waterfall on the Nile River between Lake Albet and Lake Kyoga. At the top of the falls, the Nile River pushes its way through a gap of only 7 meters, the narrowest point in the entirely of the river. This makes for a magnificent outpour of a wild, raging water down a 140 foot drop.





The boat safari was amazing as within five minutes of waddling across the Nile River, hippos, wart hogs, crocodiles, and elephants were spotted. Don’t let the Hungry Hippo perception fool you; hippos cause the greatest number of deaths each year. Guilty of 3,000. They are oddly fast and quite aggressive. We’ve done pretty of google searches and YouTube viewing on hippos to know these fun facts.

DSC_0119Early dinner back at the lodge and in bed, SLEEPING, by 9pm. Our lodging was budget but all of us felt like it was luxurious with our own fans and bathrooms. We were briefed multiple times to keep our door locked. Now it is not the expected suspect that is the reason for the enforced security. Rather the bandit is the warthogs and bamboos who have no problem breaking and entering your camp to graze upon whatever snacks you may be working with.




6am wake up call for breakfast and then we made our way through the grassland savannahs, catching the ferry to cross the river from our campsite to the safari area around 7am. From there, it was about a 4 hour drive through what seemed like endless sprawl of nature. We passed through elephants, giraffes, dinky dinkys, cranes, warthogs, and more. Wonderful to see these animals in anything but a zoo!


After the drive, it was back to the bustle of Kampala. We knew we were back to cosmopolitan life with the abrupt reintroduction to “jams” as the traffic congestion is called here. Oh how we missed the wide open roads of the Nwoya!











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